Koozies for Offbeat Wedding Parties

You can make your wedding party more fun by making it less formal, and more upbeat, even offbeat! If you want to have fun and still keep the excitement of being newlyweds, then you might consider having a theme party, a lot of dancing, and a lot of giveaways. One souvenir that you can hand out to your guests is a koozie.

Beer Koozies

Koozies keep your drinks warm or cold, depending on how you like it. You can even have personalized koozies made so that all your guests know which drinks are theirs, and they won’t lose their drinks – and if their koozies have their names on them, you can even give your koozies away!

Beer koozies can be great for an offbeat wedding party. One possible theme could be the great outdoors, where you can ask guests to bring in their fishing reels or their sleeping bags, and you can pitch fun tents. Your koozies can have pictures of you as newlyweds, along with a short thank you to your guests.

Blank Koozies

If you want to be creative, you can also supply your guests with markers and crayons and hand out blank koozies. They can decorate theirs and put their names on their own koozies. You can have a contest for the best koozie. This is especially nice for newlyweds who have a lot of artistic or creative friends. This can be great if you have a lot of children at the party, too!

Bottle Koozies

Add a touch of class with a bottle koozie. Design a koozie with lace or flowers, and serve small bottles of champagne to your guests. This way, the champagne still stays chilled. Make it offbeat by adding spoof classy remarks, as though to tell your guests that nothing is ever formal!

Wedding koozies can make your offbeat wedding party even more offbeat, so get a whole box now!

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