Celebrate with Koozies for Wedding Anniversary Parties

A wedding anniversary is something to be celebrated each year as a couple's way to commemorate their marriage and renew their vows. Whether it's the first year or the 20th or the 50th year, every wedding anniversary can be a memorable occasion, one shared with family and friends. Are you planning a grand celebration this year or a simple, intimate family-centered affair at home? Why not celebrate with koozies for wedding anniversary parties? Koozies are very useful accessories when you serve drinks at parties and get-togethers. These are insulator pads that wrap around a beverage container such as a glass, bottle or can and maintain its temperature longer than usual. Koozies are made from foam or neoprene, both non-porous materials that prevent ambient air from affecting the temperature of the bottle or the beverage. The result is that you get to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks nice and cold.

Koozies also double as coasters. Because they encase the beverage container around the sides and at the bottom, they can keep condensed moisture from cold bottles away from tables and chairs. That means a lot less mess at the party.

Koozies as wedding anniversary souvenirs
If you're looking for quality giveaways, koozies can be a terrific option. We have a range of color selections for blank koozies. These are monochromatic pieces that come in styles that can be used for different types of containers. Simply choose the color that will match the motif for the occasion or go for the couple's favorites. Either way you can do no wrong.

Personalized koozies take this a step further. You can have your koozies customized with the names of the couple and the date of their anniversary and even add a logo or an image that means something to them. Browse from our selection - whether you're looking for wedding koozies or engagement koozies, you will have excellent choices whatever your taste and budget may be.

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