Blank Koozies for Tail Gate Parties

Tail gate parties take place prior to a sport event and usually at the back of pick-up trucks and other large vehicles. These gatherings always take place outdoors, generally in the proximity of the venue of the sport event. They’re also informal and extremely fun to have! Make your tail gate party the best party of the year by giving away blank koozies, providing the best entertainment, and serving the best food.

Why Do You Need Blank Koozies for Tail Gate Parties?
For those who’ve been living under a rock in the past few years, koozies are actually snug coats or jackets made for maintaining ideal temperature for your drinks. They used to be made of 100% foam but are nowadays made usually of different variants of foam because they’re cheaper and lighter to carry.

With tailgate parties, a BYO (bring-your-own) arrangement is usually implemented. Organizers may be in charge of bringing foods and drinks but the rest are left to the guests. Guests, for instance, will have to bring their own chairs or picnic blankets.

There’s nothing wrong, however, if you wish to become a more “concerned” and “efficient” organizer. Let’s start by making sure that everyone’s clutching a cold beer in their hands from the first kickoff and right till the last touchdown with blank koozies.

The best blank koozies to give away in tailgate parties should only have the date, venue, and title of the sport event imprinted in small letters at a discreet part of your koozie. You can also add one line to identify yourself as the tail gate party organizer (purely for boasting rights and proof that you’ve indeed hosted the best tail gate party). Leave the rest blank and guests can then while away the time creating the best designs for their blank koozies.

If you are serving a variety of drinks, make sure that you’ve got the appropriate koozies for cans and bottles. If your tail gate party will take place near the beach, you might want to invest extra money in ordering inflatable blank koozies.

Blank koozies can also serve as invitations for tail gate parties. Have the address or details of your party imprinted on the back. It can even serve as their pass if you wish to make your party exclusive!

What Else Can You Do to Make Your Tail Gate Party Special?
Besides serving the best food and drinks, remember to pack the little things that most people forget like corkscrews, bottle openers, garbage bags, paper napkins, and a first aid kit!

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