Beer Koozies for Super Bowl Parties

For many Americans, the Super Bowl is just as important as Christmas and Independence Day. It’s a day where their dreams come true when their favorite team scores the winning touchdown. If you are holding an outdoor Super Bowl party, koozies would be the perfect souvenir to give away for your guests.

How to Choose the Right Beer Koozies for Super Bowl Parties
With the right design, your koozies can easily transform your bash into the hottest Super Bowl party in town. Make the most out of your souvenirs with the tips below!

Cans or Bottles?
Save money by limiting your drinks to one type of container. This way, your beer koozies will come with uniform size and shape. Beer in bottles is usually cheaper, but bottle koozies are more expensive because they require more material. Beer in cans, on the other hand, are more expensive to purchase but they’re relatively more convenient to use; also, beer can koozies are cheaper to produce.

Think NFL
Remember: this is a Super Bowl Party and your souvenir must naturally reflect the theme of your party. You may not have permission to imprint the name of the league of your favorite NFL teams on your koozies but don’t let that stop you!

With a bit of resourcefulness, you can still make your koozies symbolic of the NFL without violating any copyrights. Consider, for instance, borrowing the colors of your favorite NFL team or imprinting one of their popular slogans.

Better yet, try to personalize your souvenir beer koozies a bit more by using a message of your own creation. Try to come up with a name for your Super Bowl party and have it imprinted on your koozie.

Ordering Mechanics
If you know exactly what you want for your beer koozies then it’s time to finalize your orders. Search the Internet for the most competitive prices for personalized beer koozies. Once you’ve found your ideal manufacturer, contact them and submit your drafts for the design.

The manufacturer will then send you an estimate of the cost. If it’s within your budget, inform the manufacturer as to the date of your Super Bowl party. Make sure they’ve got a sample ready at least two weeks prior to the event.

Once you’ve got the sample in your hands, analyze everything from quality to the accuracy in which they rendered your design. If you’re satisfied then give your manufacturer the go-ahead for production. You’ll have your souvenir beer koozies ready in no time!

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