What Koozies to Give for Sports Events

Koozies, also known as cosies or coosies, are coats and jackets made of foam and used for keeping your drinks warm and cool. They’re quite useful when you’re watching a sport event and because of this, they make a great promotional item for your company. For maximum marketing advantage, make sure the design of your koozie is appropriate for the sport event.

Where’s the Sport Event Held?
The venue of the sport event is crucial in choosing the right design for your company’s promotional koozies. Production costs are sure to rise if the sport event is held outdoors. Since drinks are quicker to grow cold when they’re under the sun, you will need to ensure that the materials used for your koozies are able to keep beverages cold to drink even in the middle of the day.

When’s the Sport Event Held?
Time of the day is also important to take note of. Naturally, the effectiveness of your koozies won’t be put to the test if the sport event shall take place, say, in the evening and in the middle of winter. With winter sport events, the weather itself shall help your koozies keep beverages cool to drink.

Of course, during winter, guests might prefer warm drinks and for that, you’ll have to spend extra again on producing koozies that can keep drinks hot but warm enough for you to comfortably hold.

What’s It All About?
Consider the sport event itself. Beer koozies designed for football fans, for instance, may not be exactly appropriate to distribute in tennis events. By familiarizing yourself with the sport event, you’ll gain tips for creating the ideal design for your koozies.

Besides the type of sport being played, is there any other thing special about the event? Consider the fans themselves. What age, social, and income group do they belong to? Is it a predominantly male crowd or are there mostly females?

Who’s participating?
What’s so special about the teams or players? Could the sport association be celebrating any important achievement or milestone? All these can be used to add meaning and value to your beer koozies. If you incorporate these things in the design of your koozies, they can become significant remembrances or memorabilia for the guests.

How Do You Benefit?
Last but not the least, don’t forget to incorporate your company details in the design for your beer koozies. Prioritize subtlety over blatancy and you’re sure to win everyone over!

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