Motorcycle Runs Events Koozies

Giving away something for free will not be enough to market your company’s products. If you wish to enjoy greater popularity and sales by distributing promotional items, you need to choose the right product and distribute it at the right time and place. For motorcycle runs events, koozies are the best choice.

Why Koozies?
Then again, why not koozies? In motorcycling events, most of the spectators are enjoying the action with a can of beer in their hands. Not coffee, not iced tea, but ice cold beer!

The best promotional items aren’t always the most expensive; most of the time, they’re the ones that are of great help to your customers. T-shirts, mugs, and pens have their own time and place but if you’re talking about motorcycle runs then nothing is better than koozies to market your company!

Koozies with a Twist
This will cost you extra money but you’ll also enjoy greater returns as well so it’s still ultimately an advantage for your company. With motorcycle events, it’s important not to miss even a second’s worth of action on the track. Because of the speed and animation in which motorcycle racers compete against each other, spectators have to focus on the race with all their minds. They won’t have time to worry about keeping their drinks cold and making sure it doesn’t spill. And they certainly won’t have to worry about either if you give them beer koozies with wrist straps.

Wrist straps are a new but welcomed twist to beer koozies. By strapping a koozie on your wrist, you’ll now have two hands free to securely hold your camera as you snap shots of the race. You now have both hands free to hold your binoculars and see the action in greater detail.

Another nice twist you can add to your koozies is a seal or cover. Not all koozies can completely cover your beer cans or bottles. With your drinks completely sealed shut, you also won’t have to worry about accidentally spilling your drink and causing an embarrassing mess if you’re out on a date.

The Right Design for Koozies for Motorcycle Runs Events
If you want to play it safe, use popular slogans and taglines in the motorcycling world as the design for your beer koozies. Moreover, you can also try obtaining permission from the appropriate authorities to imprint well-known names or brands on your koozies for additional appeal.

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