Personalized Koozies for Product Launches

If your company is launching a new product, then you are most likely going to market it to as many people as possible, using as many avenues for marketing as you can. One way that you can launch a new product is to give away other products that have your company logo on them, as well as the name of your product, so that more customers can recall the brand and remember the new product that you have just launched.

One way for you to spread the word on your product is to give away koozies. Personalized koozies wrap around a can or a bottle and keep a drink fresh. When labeled well, koozies can be a way to identify drinks so that they don't get lost in a party or gathering. And, when decorated well, a koozie can look classy enough, so that your customers can use them over and over and advertise you and your new product.

Bottle Koozies

Bottle koozies can fit on a wide variety of bottles, so if you are giving bottle koozies away, your customers can use them on hard drinks, sodas, and beers, even mineral water bottles! Make sure that your bottle koozie is identifiable as a bottle koozie, so that your customers will be reminded to use them as many times as possible.

Beer Koozies

Beer koozies are extremely popular, especially when summertime rolls around. Put a new spin on things by giving away beer koozies at a football or baseball game, a tailgating party, or even at a trade show. Beer koozies can be used over and over, so make sure that you design your beer koozie to last a long while. This way, your name and product are constantly on display.

Can Koozies

You can also give away can koozies, which customers can use on a wide variety of drinks. You can twist things and give away koozies and cans, say, of free soda or free beer, depending on where you are. This way, people don't just remember you for your koozie, they also remember that you give things away that they can consume on the spot!

By designing good koozies, you can make sure that your product gets launched well. - © 2020