Personalized Koozies for Pool Parties

Serving your customers efficiently is one of the best ways of ensuring their loyalty. If you are in the business of selling personalized koozies online, having a comprehensive order form for your customers will go a long way in reducing the amount of time needed for completing a transaction.

What to Ask Your Clients about Personalized Koozies for Pool Parties
Of all types of events, pool parties probably have the greatest need for personalized koozies. As these are generally informal and literally splashy outings, it’s easy for your drinks to get cold…or get lost. It’s also easy to have it sink in the bottom of your pool, but an inflatable koozie can solve all that.

Type of Drink
The first thing you need to ask your clients regarding personalized koozies for pool parties is the type of drinks they’ll wish to have koozies for. With adult themed parties, it can be anything between beer cans or long-necked liquor bottles. But with kiddie pool parties, you’ll probably only have to produce koozies for soda cans.

By determining the type of drinks koozies will be used for, you’ll also have an idea if standard sizes for their orders would do.

Do They Want It Inflatable?
Many people are still unaware that koozies can be made inflatable so it’s your job to inform them of their options. It’s also better if you explain to them the various advantages of having an inflatable koozie.

Firstly, inflatable koozies are convenient for their guests; their drinks will remain cold even if they go in the water. Inflatable koozies will also reduce the cost of drinks; guests won’t have to get new drinks to replace the ones they’ve accidentally dropped in the water. And because it’s inflatable, your guests will be grateful for it as a souvenir and be glad to use it in other pool parties.

How to Design It?
If it’s inflatable, you’ll naturally need special materials for producing koozies and this could place minor restrictions on the designs you can use.

Because you’re designing for personalized koozies for pool parties, choosing the right colors is critical; more specifically, you need to stay away from the watery shades of blues and greens because these would make it more difficult for guests to see their koozies from afar.

Last but not the least, you need to make sure that any design materials you use for your koozies won’t melt away if they’re under water for an extended period of time. Focus on having a waterproof design and your clients will be happy. - © 2021