Personalized Koozies for Picnics

A picnic is great for you and your family or friends, but when you leave too big a mess behind, it’s the environment that suffers. You might suffer, too: you need to clean everything up before you leave, and you will most likely have to chase after children who insist on throwing everything everywhere, people who leave their drinks behind, and people who don’t know if the drink that they have in their hands is even theirs.

Try to stanch the flow of trash by employing koozies. Koozies can help you keep your drinks cool or hot, so if you’re going for coffee or soda, you’ll still have great drinks at your picnic. Koozies can also help you track your drink and keep you from losing it, or exchanging it with someone. If you are having a picnic, make sure that you take koozies with you, whether it’s for you or something that you give away to your guests.

Blank Koozies

Blank koozies are a great way for your guests to put on identifying marks on their bottles or cans. Instead of writing on the bottle or can, they have a permanent marker of their drink. Hand out marking pens and hold a contest on who has the best design. Blank koozies can also keep the kids busy with the markers!

Beer Koozies

If you are serving beer at your picnic, a beer koozie will keep the drink cold and you can identify whose drink is whose. A beer koozie can be creatively designed: if you do not have blank koozies, you might want to put on the date and place of your party so that your guests will always remember the picnic experience.

Can Koozies

It’s hard to leave cans behind: they’re hard to throw out and rinse, and sometimes, they don’t keep drinks cold. A can koozie can identify them and you can make sure your guests carry them home without worrying about a mess!

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