Music Event Koozies

Listening to great music, whether it’s reggae, classical, or jazz music, is always a nice way to spend some of your time with loved ones. It’s even better if it’s live music and the best musicians are performing. Your company can capitalize on music events like these by distributing appropriately designed koozies.

Work with Beverage Companies
It’s easier to distribute your company’s promotional koozies if they come with drinks that are either given away for free or purchased by the audience. Of course, this would mean that your koozie will not only have to bear the name of your company but that of your partner as well. Possibly, other sponsors and of course the performing musicians may also wish to be promoted through your koozies. But again, all these could be a small price to pray if you consider the amount of exposure your company will enjoy.

Focus on User-Friendliness
Let’s say you wish to design special koozies for performing musicians. If so, you’ll need to think about what special needs they may have and which you’ll have to take into account when designing your koozies.

Musicians often use music sheets and it would be nice if your koozies can help prevent their drinks from accidentally spilling on the sheets. Wet hands won’t do for musicians so it would be just as nice if your koozies can keep drinks cold but dry to touch.

Now, let’s consider the needs of the audience. Since most music events take place at night, it would be convenient for the audience if your koozies are made of brightly colored fabrics and materials; these would make them easier to spot no matter where they’re placed. If you can use neon colors for designing your koozies, so much the better; you can use them in lieu of lighters when it’s time to wave your hands up in the air and to the beat of the music.

What to Print on Koozies
Naturally, music event details should be imprinted on your koozies. This will include the time, place, and performing musicians. Your company name and, if possible, your logo as well should be imprinted on your koozie, too. As mentioned earlier on, if you have other advertising partners then their company names should be included as well.

The aforementioned details take care of the business side of your koozie. You will need, however, extra design elements to make sure that the audience will use your koozies even after the event. But if you know your target market well then you probably won’t have a hard time choosing the right image to go with your koozies.

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