Koozies for Keg Parties

Whether you're at a friend's place or a fraternity house, you'll want to have a great keg party. A keg party is also a recipe for drink disasters. Many people lose their drinks, and in the excitement of the party, sometimes exchange drinks or just dump their drinks altogether.

To avoid the waste and the mix-ups, you might want to get koozies. Koozies can keep drinks cold and fresh, and they can be personalized so that you can have people remember which drink is theirs. If you have good designs on your koozie, and if you promise guests that they can take their koozies home, then they will be less likely to leave their drinks hanging around.

Personalized Koozies

There are personalized koozies available that you can give to your guests as they enter. If you have a big budget (and probably a small keg party) then you might want to invest in koozies that have your guests' names on them. Not only will your guests feel special, but they can use the koozie over and over again!

Blank Koozies

If you have no budget, then it's not a problem: blank koozies can be a great solution. All you need to do is hand your guests a pen, and they can put their own names on the koozie. Your guests will still feel special, and if you want to make your event extra special, then you can also have a koozie design contest. That way, you have a keg party that's not just about the booze.

Bottle Koozies

Keg parties can get rough, so you might not want to have bottles, but a bottle koozie might still be in order if you have people who want to drink their beer out of bottles. You can give the rest of the party koozies for their cans or plastic cups, but make sure the bottle-drinkers are happy, too!

Koozies can be a good way for you to get your party going, and keeping a fun theme, too!

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