Koozies for Housewarming

A housewarming party should be as much about welcoming people as keeping your house clean. It can be difficult to throw a housewarming party, especially if you have to invite lots of people. They can make a mess that you will have to clean up yourself. It would help you to set up ground rules: people have to clean up their own mess, some people have to help with the dishes, and maybe people should use koozies.

Koozies are meant to keep your drink hot or cold, and it will keep you from mixing people’s drinks up with each other. A koozie can be a good giveaway to your guests as a sign of gratitude for their coming to your housewarming party.

Personalized Koozies

What better way to say thank you than a personalized koozie? Your guests can always remember your housewarming party, as well as your house. If you are going to a housewarming party, personalized koozies can be a great gift because they can help your hosts feel special about their new home.

Wedding Koozies

If you have friends who are newly married and are having a housewarming party, give them wedding koozies. They can commemorate the new couple, as well as the wedding; and you don’t have to dress them up in lace and white cloth. Just make a wedding koozie that has quotable quotes or words of wisdom. Your friends can use the koozie in their new house, and your advice in their new lives together, too!

Bottle koozies

A classy addition to any housewarming party is a bunch of bottle koozies to keep your guests’ drinks fresh! You can color code bottles by assigning them different koozie colors, or you can give your guests blank koozies for their bottles so that they can label their bottles themselves. You can even give your hosts bottled koozies as housewarming presents.

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