Giving Away Beer Koozies for College Football Events

If college students represent a large chunk of your target market, capturing their attention is best done by giving away beer koozies for college football events. Here are a few tips on how to make the most out of your company’s promotional items.

Don’t Choose a Side
Some people love the Longhorns. Others don’t. But there’s no rule stating that you can’t love both. Why alienate a part of your target market when you can serve all of them? If your competition hasn’t yet picked a team to sponsor, now’s the chance to beat them! Instead of sponsoring one team, why not sponsor both? In fact, why not sponsor the entire league or college if your company can’t afford it?

Tie Up to Give Away More Freebies
College students are notorious for their lack of funds. Many of them are paying for their own studies, fully or otherwise, and they need to take jobs not only to have enough funds for their tuition but also for their extremely active social lives.

For this reason, college students are equally notorious for favoring college football events and the likes in which they can expect to take home the greatest number of freebies. Giving away free beer koozies is nice but if you can do more then do it.

Why give away an empty beer koozie, for instance, if you can afford to give away a free bottle of beer or two as well? But why be satisfied with that when you can do so much more? Consider joining forces with other companies whose target markets include college students as well. You could take care of beer koozies and free drinks while another company could take care of free caps, shirts, and food. And for your mutual advantage, both your company names will be imprinted on your promotional items.

Nothing is Better Than Uncool
Of course, just because college students are notorious for being almost constantly broke doesn’t mean they lose their sense of style. What’s hot and what’s not is still terribly important to most college students. As such, if your beer koozies aren’t attractive, no one might be willing to take them off your hands, even if it means suffering lukewarm drinks!

Since a “cool” or “hot” design is entirely subjective, you will have to get to know more about your target market in order to determine their preferences when it comes to beer koozie designs. If you want to play it safe, however, then stick to humorous messages and discreet company logos!

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