Koozies for Fireworks Events

Here’s everything you have to know about making fireworks events special with koozies!

4th of July Events
Celebrating Independence Day is never complete without watching the sky turn into a dazzling array of colors with fireworks. And of course, July 4 fireworks are best enjoyed if you’re outdoors and in the company of others. While watching the fireworks, you could enjoy a sip of beer or two once in a while. And with koozies, your beer’s sure to stay cold to drink but comfortably dry to touch!

Now, if you’re holding your own July 4th celebration, koozies will make a great souvenir for your guests. Print your koozies in the colors of red, blue, and white for some nationalistic flair. If not that, the face of Uncle Sam – or maybe even President Obama – will always do!

Halloween and October Events
Even though Halloween takes place on the last day of October, people are already in the mood to celebrate this holiday even at the last days of September. For Halloween events, koozies are also a must!

While accompanying your kids for Trick or Treat, you can warm yourself up with a beer snugly kept within the confines of a koozie. If you’re visiting theme parks and carnivals for some scary rides and spooky thrills, keeping your beers in koozies will make sure you’ve got nerves of steels while facing man-made horrors.

If you are holding your own Halloween party, the best shades for your koozies will still be orange and black. Try having orange as the background color though as this will make koozies easier to spot when lights are turned off and you’re gathered around the campfire sharing spooky stories.

New Year’s Eve Events
Fireworks are also on the schedule every time New Year’s Eve approaches. Countdowns to the New Year are always exciting and again, it’s best experienced in the vicinity of lots of people to share your joy. When midnight finally approaches, fireworks are not the only things exploding in the night. Champagne bottles are uncorked and beer cans guzzle out liquor. But if you don’t want to waste a drop of your drink then use a koozie to keep them icy cold!

If you are holding a New Year’s Eve party, koozies will also make a wonderful take-home present for your guests. You can have them use it on the spot or you give them away after the countdown, beautifully wrapped and with an accompanying souvenir card.

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