Personalized Koozies for Festivals

Festivals are always happy occasions; they allow you to spend an extra day with your loved ones. They also allow people to showcase the best in their town or state in competitions and exhibits. If you are in charge of designing and distributing your company’s personalized koozies for festivals, here’s what you can do to minimize production costs while still attaining your marketing objectives.

Order in Volume
As always, bulk or wholesale orders let you enjoy lower prices. Consider the number of people expected to attend and participate in the festival. Is a significant number of them a part of your target market? Can you accommodate all of them?

Be a Symbol for the Festival
What is the festival supposed to celebrate? Could there be a link between the significance of the occasion and your company? You need to find a way to establish a connection between the event and your company’s mission, vision, or even its products and have that connection displayed on your koozies.

During festivals, people tend to be more nostalgic, nationalistic, or sentimental. They’re more likely to use your koozies if their designs mirror their feelings for the day.

Distinguished by Design
If possible, try having a different design for koozies you’ll distribute to festival participants like judges, contestants, and sponsors. Their koozies should have better designs, if not better quality, compared to what you’ll use for koozies for those merely attending the festival. Koozies for participants, after all, will enjoy greater exposure and it’s for this reason your design has to be just a bit more special, the company name on the koozie printed just a bit bigger than usual, and so forth.

Color, size, text, and logo are the essential elements in designing koozies for festivals. Your budget will determine how far you can go with your design. It’s important to remember, however, that quality must always be prioritized over quality. Do not sacrifice the design of your koozies for the sake of producing more of them. What’s the use of having more koozies to distribute if no one’s inclined to take them off your hands?

Distribute at the Right Time
There’s the right time and place for distributing your company’s koozies for festivals.

Distribute early. Be the first to distribute and people will be clamoring for your koozies. Secondly, distribute when you know the festival has reached its peak attendance rate. With so many people around you, there’s no way you can have enough koozies to distribute!

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