Bottle Koozies for Corporate Events

Bottle koozies are a perfect choice as giveaways for informal corporate events. They are quick and relatively affordable to produce, easy to personalize, and reusable which consequently leads to greater exposure for your company.

Bottle Koozies for Movie Premiers
Movie premiers don’t always have to come with a strictly formal dress code and especially if you’re promoting a teeny-bopper flick or something equally lighthearted. Even if you are catering to a youthful target market, bottle koozies can still be used for soda and juice drinks in bottles.

Bottle koozies are particularly helpful if the theater you’ve chosen don’t come with bottle or cup holders. They are also convenient to use for moviegoers who prefer to hold their drinks throughout the movie.

Bottle Koozies for Beach Parties
There is probably no corporate event more suitable for having bottle koozies given away than those held in the beach. If you are holding a beach volleyball tournament or any other water sport event, celebrating a company milestone by the beach, or you’re simply throwing a summer party for the benefit of your loyal customers, all these corporate events present a vital need for bottle koozies.

While the sun is great for giving you the perfect tan, it’s certainly not great for keeping your beer icy cold. Thankfully, the koozies are there to keep your drinks cold while you enjoy the blazing heat of the sun.

Bottle Koozies for Sport Events
Many companies use sport events for marketing purposes. They could hold fundraising races, sponsor local sports teams, or establish a league or an annual competition for amateurs. Whichever category your company’s corporate event falls under, all of them will also have a great need for bottle koozies.

For the athletes, bottle koozies will ensure that their energy drinks and mineral water are cold to drink when they need it most. After running for thirty minutes, you know nothing tastes better than something cold to drink!

Bottle Koozies for Winter Events
Contrary to popular opinion, bottle koozies are not exclusively used for keeping drinks cold. They can also be used for keeping drinks warm. If your company, for instance, is holding an outdoor corporate event in the middle of the winter, bottle koozies can make sure that coffee, chocolate, and tea are served hot all the time!

As mentioned earlier on, bottle koozies are best given away during informal corporate events. But then again, if you can think of an appropriate design – perhaps koozies made of velvet with rhinestone studs? – for bottle koozies, who knows? You might also use them for flute glasses of champagne next time!

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