Beer Koozies for College Parties

If you want your org to be known for holding the best college parties of the year, here are two words that will let you take a step closer to your dreams of fame and glory: beer koozies.

No One Wants Lukewarm Beer!
In fact, no beer is better than drinking lukewarm beer, don’t you think? If you want your org to hold the hottest college parties then focus on serving the coldest beers from dusk till dawn with beer koozies!

Not Only for Beer
Of course, the best college parties will serve other types of drinks than beer. Besides ordering for can koozies for your beer, make sure you’ve got bottle koozies ready as well. Then again, if you prefer to serve your drinks in plastic cups, make sure you’ve got cup holders or koozies ready for distribution, too!

Don’t Completely Rely on Beer Koozies
Sure, beer koozies for college parties are a lot of help but don’t use them as an excuse to be lazy. Beer koozies are there for your guests’ convenience. But as hosts of the hottest college parties in town, it’s your job to keep drinks extra cold while they aren’t in your guests’ hands yet. For this, you need to keep beverages in the coolers or chillers if outdoors or in the fridge if you’re indoors. Last but not the least, make sure you’ve got lots and lots of ice ready to serve!

Cost Efficiency
Aiming to throw the best college party doesn’t mean you have to empty out your org’s treasury. Neither should you charge high entrance fees to your party. Both strategies might work once or twice but they’ll never do in the long run.

There are a lot of things you can to limit the costs of your org’s college party. Beer koozies, for instance, can offer more help besides keeping drinks cool. If your college party’s by the pool or beach, having inflatable beer koozies will prevent guests from having their drinks sink into the water.

The Best Souvenirs
Why spend so much money on souvenirs that people can only display on tabletops and cabinets? They’ll forget about it after a week or two and there shall it remain, gathering dust but never recognition.

With beer koozies, your college party will remain a cherished memory. Because they’re reusable, people could bring it with them in other parties and from that, your college org – provided that you did have your org’s name imprinted on them – will gain more exposure!

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