Koozies for Club Openings

Have you ever been in a club and lost your drink – after spending humongous amounts of money on it? Have you ever been dancing in a club and returned to your table, only to find that someone else picked up your drink and you need something to cool your dry throat, pronto? You need a koozie – and if you plan to open a club, then you might want to think of the guests who will arrive and what they might want from your club.

A koozie can keep your drink cool, and if you label it, you can personalize people's drinks. There's no better place than a club for a koozie, so make sure that you get the best designs for koozies as you welcome people to your club for the first time.

Beer Koozies

Get beer koozies that have your club logo on them, and hand them out for free when people buy beer from you on your opening day. Allow people to take home their beer koozie and encourage them to use the beer koozie outside the club. This way, you can have people buying more drinks from you on the day of the opening, and they can be walking billboards for your club when they step out!

You can also give them discounts in the future when they return to your club with a koozie that they got at your opening party.

Bottle Koozies

You can apply the same reasoning for bottle koozies, and you can even up the ante by decorating different bottles with different colors of koozies. Set up a competition where your evening's guests have to collect a certain number of koozies so that they can win a prize. This way, you can encourage people to buy drinks from you, too.

Personalized Koozies

You can also set up a booth at your club's opening party, and give people the chance to personalize koozies that have your club's logo on the koozie. This way, you can get them to take out their personally-decorated creations and be your walking advertisement. You can also have a competition for the best koozie decoration, with the best decoration becoming your official club koozie. What customer wouldn't have fun with that?

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