Personalized Koozies for Christmas Parties

Christmas parties are fun but messy. True, the spirit of the season rings ever true in all the decorations, food, family, and friends, but when you have way too many guests, you also have a much bigger mess. Even a few guests can keep you cleaning the house for hours the next day! Try to keep the spirit of the party by putting in a few rules: keep it clean, don’t leave stuff hanging around, and use your koozie.

Beer Koozies

Koozies can keep your drinks hot or cold, so whether you have eggnog or hot chocolate, you can still enjoy the drink. There are even beer koozies so that your guests who want a bit more alcohol in their drinks can still enjoy the party. A koozie can also identify who owns what drink. No one wants to be at a party where they keep losing their drinks – or exchange drinks with someone!

Make sure that your beer koozies are decorated in the spirit of the season. If you like, add some reindeer horns or a Santa hat to your koozies!

Can Koozies

Dress your drink cans in can koozies that have Christmas written and drawn all over them. A can koozie can be all the more attractive if you add Christmas jingle lyrics. That way, your guests can sing along without having to remember words from memory. All they need to do is to look at their drink!

Bottle koozies

Your guests might want other alcoholic drinks, and you can buy bottle koozies. You can pick up koozies that glitter with Christmas: gold for vodka drinks, red for gin drinks, and green for beers, if you want to color code your bottles! This way, you have a lot of fun with the drinks and still have guests not mixing their drinks up!

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