Koozies for a Wild Biker Party

With the right design, koozies can be the perfect souvenir for all sorts of occasions. If you are holding a wild biker party, here are a few tips on making the best koozies for your guests.

Authentic or Costume?
First and foremost, is this wild biker party of yours a themed or costume party where none of you are actual bikers but are expected to dress as one? Or are you the real deal? Your answer will determine how far you can go in designing your koozies.

This part is easy. Since this is a wild biker party we’re talking about, the best shades for your koozies would be black or silver. Of course, if this is an all-women gathering then a little leeway is possible. Red and gold may also be used for your koozies, but again, it will depend exactly on the type of biker group you have.

To determine the right size for your koozies, you’ll first have to know what types of drinks will be served in the party. Koozies need a snug fit for them to work. As such, you’ll need to know if standard can and bottle sizes would do. If not, you’ll have to provide the manufacturer with the dimensions of your cans and bottles so that they can create custom fit koozies for your wild biker party.

Type and Shape
The best koozies, whether they’re used as souvenirs for weddings and wild biker parties, are always something guests would be proud and find convenient to use.

In your case, you could make your beer koozies more attractive by using special design elements. Instead of the usual cylindrical shape for your koozies, how about ordering one that’s shaped like motorcycle wheels or any other motorcycle part?

Make sure that they fit your guests’ saddlebags, too. If guests in your wild biker party aren’t exclusive to a particular motorcycle model or make, you’ll need to make sure that they’ll fit whether a guest is riding a Harley Davidson or a small Yamaha scooter.

Stay away from sentimental messages; they’re definitely not appropriate for wild biker parties. On the other hand, there’s no need to risk offending some of your guests with a lewd message either. Stick to humor. Keep it simple. Do all these and your beer koozies would be a welcome gift for everyone attending your wild biker party!

Have fun then but remember not to drink while driving!

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