Koozies for Art Exhibits

An art exhibit can be a great place to gather people, whether you have artists, journalists, or even celebrities. But you also want your exhibit to be as sophisticated as it is neat. You might want to get some trimmings for decoration, have the best food, and have the best drinks on hand. Why not consider a koozie for your drinks?

Koozies keep your drinks fresh and cool, and they can be great for identifying who owns which drink. You may think koozies are less than classy, but think again: you can design koozies in many different ways so that you can have them as spick, span, and classy as possible. You can also make your offbeat art exhibit even more offbeat by well designed koozies.

Personalized Koozies

Make your guests feel welcome at your art exhibit by handing out personalized koozies. If you have a small guest list, a personalized koozie could be a great way of saying thank you to your guests for coming. You can put your own art on the koozie and put your guest’s name on them. Add the event and date on, and you can have a lovely koozie that is as artistic as it is memorable. You can even put your signature on the koozie as a bonus for guests at your art exhibit!

Blank Koozies

Invite guests to create their own art by providing them with blank koozies. You can leave space for their names, and then give them art materials so that they can do their own painting. This way, you can make their visit to your exhibit more memorable.

Bottle Koozies

You can serve a lot of different drinks at your party, but if you want to invest in some style, you can hand out bottles of drinks already fitted with bottle koozies. You can color code your drinks, or put on quirky designs that will make each bottle look like a masterpiece. This way, your guests can have fun at your art exhibit!

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