Pump Up Your Political Campaign With Beer Coolers

Election time is an exciting and busy time for political campaign marketers. To create bigger noise, many politicians consult with marketing experts on how to get the voters’ affection and approval. Marketers all over have found it very effective to give away thousands of promotional items that the voting public can take home. The idea is to make recall of the political candidate easier for these voters if they held on to a useful item that they constantly see in the hope that come election time, the politician’s name will pop up on the voter’s mind.

There are many political campaign products that marketers found very effective. There are items that are used to decorate the venue of campaign such as balloons that are easy to notice. There are also items that are directly given to the audience or the voting public such as pens, shirts, auto magnets, pencils, pin-on buttons, badges, totes, emery boards, paddle fans, plastic cups and sports bottles. But one of the most popular campaign products being used today are beer coolers.

What are coolers? These items are perfect political campaign give-aways because they are insulating materials usually made by flexible neoprene that are used to keep cans or bottles retain the cold temperature. These items are usually made of flexible foam, polyurethane or plastic.

Many political campaigners take advantage of coolers because aside from being cheap and easy to produce, they can be decorated nicely by screen printing or through 4-color sublimation. Screen printing is the cheaper alternative but can be customized through embroidery. As political campaign materials, though, they have to come cheap since production is by the thousand. Beer coolers can also come as hard metallic material or they can also be collapsible for more convenience because they are easier to carry.

Coolers are great way to get any advocacy of a political candidate. Clearly sending the message out is possible with the clear design of coolers. Because of the high functionality of coolers, they are more likely to be used by voters especially during the warmer months. With coolers, the user can keep his or her drinks cold while the politician keeps his or her name warm in the hands of the voters.

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