Handy Tips for those Beer Coolers

If you’ve ever come across the term “koozie” then you might be wondering if someone out of Australia crossed a kangaroo with a wallaby and got a kooky name to go with the deal. A koozy, however, is a bit less outlandish. The koozie is a snug coat that keeps your drink cozy, hence the name: it’s designed for you to keep a good grip on your drink, all while it keeps your drink warm or cold. Companies have already caught onto the concept and are now ordering koozies by the hundreds: koozies stamped with company names and logos have now turned up in various company events and conferences, all meant for clients to remember the company forever.

This isn’t too big a stretch. After all, a koozie can be used over and over again. This is especially true for beer koozies, which are meant to keep beer bottles cold. Koozies, moreover, don’t come in just one style or design. There are koozies that look like zip up coats or vests, and they fit over beer bottles as they would over a Barbie doll. There are koozies that look like team jerseys. There are many ways for koozies to be creatively used, and you can make use of these creative behemoths especially if you are interested in beer koozies.

If you are handing out beer koozies at the next company event, there are many styles that you can choose from. You can have a koozie that keeps just the body of the beer bottle snug and comfortably cool, or you can choose a koozie that covers the beer bottle completely and fits almost like a sock. You can also choose from many different colors: bright, neon ones can be great at night for carrying beer bottles, whether out to the night game or simply on the back porch. You can also have koozies that are as dark as beer bottles, but with labels that stand out – now the beer bottle looks like it’s yours from afar!

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