Beer Coolers to Perk Up Football Games

Why are beer coolers the “in” things these days? The answer to that is that they are so cool! They not only look so cute, they also come highly functional. They are those things you see that cover a soda or beer bottle or can that aims to keep the drink cold longer. They usually come in different shapes, colors, designs and materials.

What exactly are coolers? Coolers are hollow foam circles that hug a beverage container to keep the drink cool and the drinker’s hand dry and warm. They are expected to keep the drink warm for 30-40 minutes longer.

When it comes to football, game watchers just have to have coolers when they watch the football games. What better way to show team spirit while on the stands rooting for your favorite team than to have sports coolers, usually beer coolers, keeping your drinks cool. Every football team of different colleges or universities should have coolers designed to represent their respective teams.

There are many manufacturers of coolers that can allow you to explore all possible designs for your team coolers. Imprinting can come in 19 different colors that can be mixed and matched. For as low as $0.65 per piece, you can have a 3-sided imprint on your coolers. You can have this price for a minimum of 250 pieces.

The designer of football team coolers can use up all his or her creativity in coming up with the design. They can come as football drink holders, jersey-shaped coolers, football-shaped can holders, collapsible coolers, and so many more.

Coolers are also called can coolers, koolies, beer huggers or stubby holders. Whatever they are called, they are perfect items that game watchers should be holding in a football game. Coolers held by fans will have a way of boosting the team’s morale in a football game.

Football teams can promote their universities in style with these fantastic promotional coolers. They can either be given away to the fans or sold as souvenir items. Teams can have them produced in bulk at wholesale prices. Customizing the design is possible with all the manufacturers of coolers. One perfect way of advertising is screen-printing the logo of the team on the surface. - © 2021