Why Beer Coolers are better than Promo Pens

It’s undeniable that companies today face a tough job with the present economic crisis adding up to a very competitive market worldwide. Using promotional items is one effective way of drawing consumer attention and gain prospective buyers and investors. There are lots of promotional products to choose from, such as paper weights, mugs, promo pens, and beverage coolers. Promotional pens are the most common choice but are they the best choice? You might want to look at beverage coolers to promote your next big event.

First, let's explain what beverage coolers are. Beverage coolers are insulated coverings for cans and bottles containing hot or cold beverages, usually beer - beer coolers. They keep your beverages hot or cold for a much longer period of time by keeping the temperature on the inside from escaping and keeping the temperature on the outside from getting in. With your beverage maintaining it's temperature longer you will spend more time enjoying it. This means your customers will spend more time holding their beverages in front of their faces where your company name and logo will be visible to them. And beverage coolers have a larger area to put your company name and logo. This means that what you put on your promotional beverage cooler will be easily visible and readable. Pens are much smaller and can only carry a simple logo and minimal information like your company name and phone number. Beverage coolers, on the other hand, can carry more company information such as logos, slogans, goals, mantras, or visions .

You can personalize the design and colors of your beverage coolers and customize them to suit your own taste. This cannot be done freely on promo pens since the colors and designs are limited by the size and purposes of the pen. What’s more? Also, beverage coolers are not easily lost since they carry your can or bottle in them. Pens can easily be misplaced or dropped and lost.

Even when not in use beverage coolers can be advertising for you. Before an event or grand opening they can be stacked to create an advertising display. Place them on tables at conferences, tournaments, or parties. They can be used like brochures that you can give to people as they enter and then they can put their beverages in them during the rest of the event, and for years to come. Promotional pens can't compete with this kind of advertising. They get put in pockets, bags, purses, planners, and drawers where they can't be seen. And beverage coolers can be used for years because they don't have any mechanical parts. When a pen runs out of ink or breaks it gets thrown in the garbage never to advertise again.

Promotional materials play a crucial part in the success of any business advertising campaign. Next time you are deciding on corporate gifts for a company, event, or party make sure you look at beverage coolers. They may just be the best promotional products you can get. And I’m telling you, you can't go wrong with promotional beverage coolers…

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