Beer Coolers That Will Perk Up Your Bar Opening Night

If you’ve heard of beverage coolers, you are surely one of its big fans. beverage coolers are great utensils to have around. They are those cool things that are snugly wrapped around cool beverage drinks in cans or bottles - usually beer coolers. They are made of insulating materials that keeps the drink cool for a longer period of time. These coolers are usually used at the beach, picnics, camping trips, and sports events. Oftentimes, beer is the drink that needs coolers the most.

What better way to launch your bar with a big bang than to give away coolers to the customers at the opening night. They will not only love what it does to their drinks but you can use it as a cool advertising strategy. Since most coolers are placed on table tops and cannot be kept in bags, you are sure to be advertising your bar to whoever sees the coolers. They can be used to promote the night of opening as a welcome gift for all the first time customers.

The coolers can come in different designs. You can choose to have them in different bright colors so they stand out even at night. You can add the logo of your bar together with your contact numbers. You can even add a catchy tag line to encourage people to come visit your bar. Beverage coolers are inexpensive items if you order them in bulk.

Beverage coolers can come in different shapes and materials. They can hug a beer can or a beer bottle. They can be made of leather, neoprene, aluminum, foam, or even plastic. Bottle collapsible coolers are designed with a durable zipper that makes the insertion and removal of the bottle easier. They may even come with suction cups to keep the cooler stable on the table. No more fear of spills.

If you are interested in ordering in bulk to give away during the opening night of your bar, you may look online for wholesale dealers who can customize the coolers for you. You can have the coolers delivered to you in less than a week. For a minimum of 250 beer coolers, printing can go as low as $0.65. So don’t think about it, order the coolers now because they are a great way to advertise a bar that is about to open. With these coolers, you will be assured to have customers pouring through the doors on opening night, and coming back for years to come as they continue to use their custom beverage cooler with your bar's name and logo on it. - © 2021